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At PlexiSign, we have the versatility to create a wide spectrum of printed products to suit every visual need.  There is a considerable selection of materials on which to print, or on which to apply your printed design or image.  We are confident that you will find the solution you seek, as you browse through this page…



Our Posters are typically printed on a heavy paper with a high gloss coating.   Our Wide Format printers are capable of very high resolution output — the better quality your image is, the better the printed result.  Upon request, also offer alternative media for your posters, including non-adhesive vinyl and laminations.

Print on Foamboard

Foamboard prints are ideal for indoor presentation.  Our foamboard panels are super lightweight and are available in different thicknesses.  The artwork is printed on white adhesive vinyl, which is then applied to the foamboard.  Clear lamination is an additional option.

Print on Dibond (Alupanel)

Dibond (Alupanel) is a rigid and durable laminate, consisting of a PVC core sandwiched between two thin layers of aluminum veneer.  Dibond is available in different colors and thicknesses.  For most purposes (including printed panels) we carry and recommend 3mm thick, white Dibond.  Ask us about other Dibond options.

Printed and Cutout Stickers

Our wide format printers are capable of producing Printed and Cutout Stickers for a variety of purposes.  They can be printed on glossy or mat adhesive vinyl.   If desired, we can also laminate the stickers with clear mat or clear glossy lamination for extra protection, prior to digitally being cut out to shape.  If the stickers are to be viewed through a window, we can specially produce those as well.

DURATRANS Transparency

Duratrans is a robust, clear, printable acetate film with a translucent white rear coating for light diffusion when backlit.  the printing side of Duratrans typically has a matte finish for best printing results.  After printing, clear gloss lamination is optional, though unnecessary for most applications.  This is because Duratrans prints are usually mounted in a display panel which already has a clear thin glossy lexan window.

Clear Lamination

Clear lamination is a great way to preserve your printed media from dirt, dust, moisture, and of course from scratches.  Clear lamination has the added benefit of making your print cleanable.  Our clear lamination materials are available in both glossy and matte finishes.


Exterior Perforated Vinyl

Perforated vinyl is the perfect window print option when the print must not obstruct the view from indoors to outdoors.  The printing face is white, while the adhesive backing is black for a uniform, partially see-through interior appearance.  Perforated Vinyl prints are applied to the outdoor side of the windows.  Our window vinyl installations are high quality.  Clear lamination protection is available upon request, but usually not preferred.

Interior Adhesive Prints

Our high quality window interior adhesive prints are a beautiful and effective way to visually display information and images of your products and services.  The design process begins with our accurate measurements of the window panes.  Since your images will be scaled up to fit your full-sized windows, the original image quality must be very high to begin with.  Talk to us about your window visual goals.

Banners and Vinyl Awnings

Full Color Printed Banners

Our Printed Banners are available in a few thicknesses (specified by “weight” in ounces – oz.), depending on the on the overall size and budget.  The printable banner material starts off white, is printed in full color, and then optional hems and grommets are added.  If your banner design is simple text without images, we can offer a pre-colored banner, to which we apply cutout adhesive vinyl text of your color choices.  This banner option can sometimes cost a little less than a printed one.

Banner Options

We have a few Options to complete your finished banner.  Grommets are essential for installing or suspending your banner.  Hems are highly encouraged to improve the edge strength and the life of your banner.  Sewn hems are the best option, as the hems are double folded and double stitched.  For indoor locations, or if budget is a concern, we can offer a simple, single fold creased hem which is produced using adhesive double-faced tape.

Double Sided Upright Banners

Double Sided Upright Banners are sometimes desired to draw attention in certain locations where a common banner or sign in not the right option.  This type of banner can be stylish and effective, with the right design, hardware, and installation.

Large Scale Banners

At PlexiSign, we are very capable of producing and installing Large Scale Banners.  If your banner installation is in a public area, we can secure the permits necessary to perform the operation, as well as the appropriate installation vehicles and equipment.

Vinyl Canvas Awnings

Vinyl Canvas Awnings are covered with a similar vinyl material to regular banners.  The difference being that the material is translucent white, rather than opaque.  This allows the internal lighting of the awning to illuminate the printed artwork.  Once printed, the material is pulled taught and riveted to the aluminum frame of the awning. 


Custom Fit Vehicle Graphics

With many utility vehicles, there can be a many Custom Fit surface details to consider.  We take great care in measuring out your vehicle surfaces, taking appropriate digital photos, and producing full size computer layout of your vehicle’s artwork.  The design is precision printed, and them clear gloss laminated for a durable finish. Our vehicle vinyl installations are very high quality, to give that professional look you expect.

Large Scale Vehicle Graphics

At PlexiSign, no job is too large for us.  Whether its a single cube truck, or a large line of semi trucks and trailers, we are masters at what we do.  Our design experience and installation quality are second to none.  Let PlexiSign impress you with our outstanding results !

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